The Aesthetics of After Life

After birth, the second biggest event in life is death. And, yet, across cultures, our relationship with it seems based on avoidance and denial. We asked ourselves, why isn’t death treated as naturally and gracefully as birth?
Why can’t we perceive it in a more positive way? And redesign its rituals
to reveal, rather than conceal, who we really are? That’s how Project Womb
was born.

We believe the only true legacy anybody leaves behind is the story of
his or her life. Usually, the telling of this story is left to friends and family.
The more celebrated ones amongst us are at the mercy of media.
That’s a lot of different versions of our life story. And we don’t have
a say in any one of them.

Project Womb provides the comfort of knowing that your story is told in your own words, pictures and videos. And shared with the world. It’s a container for impressions and memories you can record and update over your lifetime.
A collection of personal insights and experiences that can inspire future generations for many years to come.

We want to change how the story is told. And how it’s presented.
We find rectangular caskets unnatural and unfriendly. To us,
the womb offers a design that’s in harmony with life and nature.

In essence, Project Womb is a media-driven time capsule that makes sure
your life story lives on.



The design of Womb was conceived by nature. Heavy grade organic materials create a soft, smooth, custom shape that encloses an adult human in the fetal position. Comfortably.

Womb comes from nature and is designed to feel at home in nature.
In the spirit of natural diversity, Womb offers a range of choice exteriors.
Woods such as Limbali, Ovangkol as well as light and dark Zebrando.
And Pebble. Available in Black and White.


Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is a cloud-based encrypted media database that hosts your music, images, video and text for an indefinite time. You connect to the Time Capsule with a web-based upload engine that allows you to update it whenever and wherever you want. You can create a public profile that’s accessible to everybody. And a private profile that’s only accessible with an activation key. With these keys your family and friends will be invited to activate your life story and experience it. Through your eyes. In your own words.


In the present version, access to Womb is enabled by an iPad application.

A variety of smart functions assist you in reading, browsing and experiencing a life story. Functions such as Timeline let you select a specific time period. With Gallery you can filter and browse through all media with ease.
Under Location you can browse and find geo-tagged stories near you.
The Tree function helps you find where you fit in the family. With Time Vault you can determine when certain information should be unlocked.

DNA Safe

Womb is equipped with a secure DNA storage facility that will save your
DNA profile for more than 150 years. Preserving your story down to the genetic code.


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