Silence Complete Review – SHOULD YOU REALLY TRY IT?

Silence Complete

A whistling sound in the background of one’s ear can easily get under an individual’s skin. It is difficult to ignore and onerous to suffer as well. Mostly, individuals learn to compromise with the background music until it grows to such an intensity that it becomes intolerable. In the case of such unbearable ringing, a person agrees to any solution recommended to him, without learning of its risks or side effects. A wiser step, however, is to take preventative measures before the ear ringing grows unabated. A natural solution, in this regard, is Silence Complete.

This potent supplement is a natural solution for a condition that is known as tinnitus. It is packed with a natural blend of ingredients and herbs that work to treat tinnitus before it grows out of hand. Each ingredient is scientifically backed, which adds to the credibility of the formula’s composition. In addition to the studies and research gone into the making of this formula, there are no side effects as well. This is primarily due to the non-chemical based composition of this natural supplement.


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Silence Complete Review

Silence Complete is an effective oral treatment for tinnitus. It helps to treat the ringing and whistling sounds in one’s ears that are common as one age. The formula works best when tinnitus is in its mild stages. This aligns well with the adage that reads an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

The supplement is based on a natural ingredient list. This helps to ward off the side effects that mostly come associated with over the counter pills or medications that are based on synthetic chemicals. The supplement is made with utmost precision by Lloyd Greenfield in collaboration with Dr. Steve Campbell.

With the intake of this supplement, the ringing in an individual’s that emanates from his ear treks on a path of healing and recovery. During the process, the supplement also helps to get rid of other relevant problems emerging from the brain such as brain fog, memory loss, and decline in one’s cognitive decline to name a few.

There is a significant amount of research that has also gone into the making of this formula. Each ingredient is studied for its safe use and efficacy. This also ensures that the supplement does not show any side effects. It is also safe to incorporate these natural pills in one’s daily routine with the recommended dosage being two pills in a day.

The Makers of this Supplement

Tinnitus is a condition that can only be fully comprehended if one walks in the shoes of the one suffering from it. The person, Lloyd Greenfield who took the initiative of formulating this supplement has sailed through the suffering of this auditory concern. Therefore, he understood the need for a natural formula that can help to rectify this problem.

In his quest to find the right solution, Greenfield crossed paths with Dr. Steve Campbell. Both of them undertook an in-depth study of research papers and clinical trials. By putting in joint efforts, the duo was able to come up with Silence Complete and its natural formula.

The Root of The Problem

Tinnitus emerges from the brain. The root in the brain lies on the same path as multiple other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Silence Complete works to eliminate the root cause of the problem so that healing is initiated on an immediate note.

Along with this, this unique formula works to lessen the risk of other diseases that share a similar path as tinnitus. This counts as an essential benefit of this supplement. Additionally, the natural pill also works to treat other issues. These include brain fog, memory loss, poor cognitive functioning, drop in one’s focus and a decline in concentration.


Silence Complete contains all natural ingredients. The formula is free of any synthetic compounds, harmful chemicals, additives, and fillers. This ensures that the formula is free from any side effects. Here are the main ingredients of the formula:

1. Olive leaves extract

Olive leaves extract feature healing properties. Research outlines the effective role of this ingredient in healing and strengthening the nerve pathways of the brain.

2. Niacin

This ingredient is commonly referred to as vitamin B3. It is responsible for repairing the brain from the damage that comes with aging. In fact, vitamin B3 is known as a brain tonic for its efficient work.

3. Hibiscus and hawthorn berry

Hibiscus and hawthorn berry work to calm the tingling in the brain. This helps to quiet down the clutter in the brain. This supplement combines together the herbs in the right proportions for maximum potency.

4. Garlic extract

This component helps to clear the brain fog, improve focus, and enhances memory. It also plays a critical role in fighting dementia.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is packed with a heavy dose of antioxidants that fight free radicals to help curb damage to the brain.

6. Vitamin B6 and B12

These two vitamins assist in providing nerve support.

7. Bachu leaves extract

This extract helps to strengthen the nerve pathways in the brain.

8. Green tea and juniper berry

These two work to flush the toxins from the brain. Along with this, green tea and juniper berry are great at constructing neural pathways in the brain.


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    Based on a natural composition

    Free from any side effects

    No chemicals used in the making of this formula

    Treats tinnitus

    Also helps clear brain fog, improve memory loss, and other problems.

    Keeps other related brain diseases at bay


Silence Complete comes in the following packages:

-1 bottle of the supplement for $69

-3 bottles of the supplement for $59

-6 bottles of the product come for $49

There is a 60-days money back guarantee that accompanies the purchase of the supplement too.


Silence Complete is a good solution for tinnitus. It is better to keep oneself safe from risky surgeries or chemical-based treatment interventions by availing a natural formula such as this one.


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