Ready, Set, Food Review – How Does It Really Work?

Parenting is a tough nut to crack. No amount of research or reading is enough to get one through the early stages of having a child. For one, such a massive change in one’s life and relationship status is hard to digest. On top of that, taking care of a baby can be challenging, specifically, when it comes to his diet and feed. The initial phases tend to be simple with the child having formula or so. It is only when one introduces real food that allergies poke their nasty heads and make matters difficult for both kid as well as his parent. This is where Ready, Set, Food comes into the picture.

This is a safe formula that aims to lessen the risk of a child developing food allergies such as allergies to egg, peanut, and more. Since it is commonly said that an ounce of care is better than a pound of prevention, this formula is beneficial. It is for small kids, about 4-6 months old that have not been introduced to common foods. It helps cut his odds of having a food allergy by gently introducing the items to the baby’s diet to help prevent the allergy.

Ready, Set, Food Review

Ready, Set, Food is a potent formula. It is best to know beforehand that the organic solution is not a treatment solution. On the contrary, it is a preventative solution that keeps the development of food allergies among kids at bay. Hence, this solution is not for kids who already have an allergy.

It is strictly only for children who have not tasted real food yet and are on formula. This is why it is best to give this formula to one’s kid while he is still 4-6 months old. An older kid can also be fed with this solution too provided that he is still on formula and has not been exposed to possible allergens yet.

The pediatrics-approved formula works naturally and safely. It is to be added into the formula or feed of the child and given to him. It contains a minute amount of egg, peanut, and other such ingredients, which are very slowly introduced into the body of the baby. Gradually, the amount is raised so that the child’s body gets a reasonable exposure to food allergens as he grows up.

This approach helps to keep the development of food allergies at arm’s length. Science agrees that not all the food allergies come in a child’s system. In fact, these occur later on, which means that the right steps can help to cut the odds of developing food allergies. A lot of research has gone into the making of this supplement. This ups its credibility.

Who is this formula for?

Ready, Set, Food is for kids for as small as 4-6 months. It is a preventative measure rather than a treatment. This means that it is for all those kids who have not been exposed to real food and are taking formula milk or so.

Hence, if a child has already shown signs of an allergy to common food ingredients. In that case, a parent needs to take his baby to a doctor at his earliest. Thus, this formula is for preventative steps that help to save a child from food allergies.

It is also important to know that this formula is for all the babies who are at risk of food allergies as part of their heredity or due to his eczema. So, one can freely give this formula to all kids.

It is also that food allergies have been on the rise. They have become very common in the past few years. Therefore, preventative measures such as this one is highly beneficial.

How to use this formula?

Ready, Set, Food comes in a powdered form. This means that a parent only needs to add it to the formula or food that his child has and he is good to go. The main idea is to slowly and gently introduce the child to food allergens such as egg.

This is why this natural solution is packed with natural ingredients that are gradually given to the kid so that he can develop resistance against them. As per the manufacturers of this formula, this supplement has the potential to lower the risk of side effects by as much as 80%.

It works really slowly since kids are sensitive and extreme care must be taken to save them even from the smallest of concerns. Therefore, this formula contains only less than 1/8th teaspoon of peanut butter, 1/250th of an egg, and one teaspoon of yogurt.

It is crucial to give a baby this formula for at least six months or for as long as he gets to having milk, peanut butter, and eggs. To take this gently, the formula is to be administered in two stages.

In the first stage, an extremely gentle formula is to be given to the child for 15 days. This is known as the Gentle 15-day Intro that works slowly and incorporates the organic ingredients into a kid’s meal plan.

In the next stage, the dosage is taken up a notch. The child should be given this formula for a minimum of six months. It sustains a baby’s exposure to food allergens to trim his chances of getting food allergies.


Some of the major benefits of this formula are:

  • Works naturally and gently
  • Prepared by a team of professionals
  • Backed by clinical trials
  • Works in two stages
  • Approved by pediatrics
  • Contains the smallest amounts of organic ingredients
  • Safe to use and helps prevent food allergies among kids

Final Verdict

All in all, Ready, Set, Food is a safe and natural formula that protects kids from food allergies. It is backed by extensive research and is approved by pediatrics. Moreover, a team of experts has overtaken the formulation of this solution. Therefore, it comes from a group of well-educated professional who understand the health of kids well.

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