Prosper Wellness CBD Extract Review – SCAM CBD Oil or Legit?

Aging is a natural process, but, those scary symptoms associated with growing age can’t be taken for granted. Hypertension, diabetes, panic attacks, anxiety, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, abnormal blood sugar, memory failures, severe depression and workplace stress are just a few to count. In this age bracket, running to hospitals or after health practitioners become a challenging task and people need something lazy, to take care of their daily health conditions. One of those legit products is Prosper Wellness CBD, indicative of what it does, by the name itself.


The supplement formula was manufactured under supervision of expert mental health practitioners and aging professions. According to them, this product contains no artificial additives, gluten, wheat, soy, peanut, or lactose extracts. It is primarily based on hemp, extracted from Sativa plant. It has no psycho tropic effects and doesn’t make an individual addicted to taking it.

Surprisingly, hemp is used as a base ingredient in hundreds of baby products, creams and moisturizers, women cosmetics and aging supplements. When it acquired the status of ‘medicine’, homeopathic doctors started prescribing it in their medical prescriptions.

But, the best thing is that nobody needs a medical prescription to buy the product because it is not a drug, or even a pain killer. And that’s the reason its results last for ages, and don’t disappear as soon as one stops taking the oil. This marijuana extract, as mentioned earlier has no psycho active effects, and so, it is mild, yet highly effective.

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It fixes the neurotransmissions. And with that, the formula helps mental coordination with different vital organs of the body: kidneys, heart, liver and gut. The supplement gives relief from chronic pain. It eases all potential discomforts associated with mobility, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Further, the hemp base used in the formula soothes the bone mass, helps lock it calcium internally and improves the production of lean muscle mass. It increases bone density and rejuvenates health of joints.

It kills inflammation and fights the root-cause of all inflammation-related disorders. It alleviates pain, decreases swelling and reverses mentioned symptoms of inflammation like flushing, redness on facial skin, rosacae, acne, acidity, heartburn, production of pus cells and excessive fat storage.

This hemp-based CBD extract has been long-known for improving the cognitive levels of individuals. Okinawas from a Japanese island are people known to have the highest life expectancies. According to them, non psycho tropic strains of marijuana plant can help brain calm down, and improve brain functions like speech, thinking, hearing, visions and passing sensory neurons.

Stress can be an age-related mental health issues that can’t be placed on the backburner. Yet, a number of Americans take it lightly. The CBD oil targets all body conditions that may cause stress. Further, it helps the brain get over the feelings of frustration, loneliness and isolation. Regular users of Prosper Wellness CBD extract have also noticed considerable improvement in sleep disturbances like insomnia. When it treats stress and calms the brain down, the mind can actually stop worrying and people sleep comfortably, and naturally ‘without using any artificial sleep agents’.

Memory failures are one of the glaring signs of natural aging. Hemp is a ‘must-have’ brain booster used in most of the aging supplements that claim to sharpen memories and strengthen medulla functions. The supplement does so by working on the brain volume, preventing immature cell death and brain tissue shrinkage. 

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The supplement polishes the judgment abilities individuals and they may expect making decisions without any confusion or mental block. The cannabidiol extracts used in the composition work collaboratively with other anti-inflammatory agents to cure sudden incidents of brain fog and strengthens mental focus and alertness. Users of this product may expect lesser cases of anxiety, panic attacks and mood swings. Gynecologists have started suggesting this supplement to females who experience severe pre menstrual stress. 

Cannabidiol is a great ingredient to energize bodies in times of extreme exhaustion. The supplement undoubtedly boosts stamina for gym exercises and workout sessions. Further, it doesn’t let one feel sick and tired during ketogenesis. The product also claims to support the body and nutrition requirements while resisting keto flu.


According to a public survey, 50 out of 100 American users of CBD oil could witness little to zero results. A lot of them felt discourages until a myth was broken. Before this breakthrough in the brain health industry, people used to focus more on the consumption schedule of CBD oil, rather than the quantity and most of them considered it to be a simple pain-killer.

However, the team of experts involved in manufacturing Prosper Wellness CBD have stated that the improvement, results, and result duration could largely depend on genetic and medical history of individuals, their body types and size, the severity of their aging symptoms, their age and a number of other factors. But, all these obstacles can be overcome by following a proper quantity schedule of CBD oil. The users should start with a load dose, and gradually switch to a maintained dose.

  • Load dosage: it is called a load dosage as it requires CBD oil users to consume more than 10 mgs (3-5 drops) everyday. This load dosage can be split into two doses as well depending upon the individual’s routine.
  • Maintained dosage: Once the users start experiencing remarkable development in their brain health, they could switch to a maintained dose of 10 mgs (2-3 drops daily).


The prescribed dosage quantity could be either taken with water, a green or citric juice. It can also be cooked with meals and added to salads. Teens under eighteen, pregnant and nursing ladies, fitness models and people currently advised to take blood-thinning agents, or chemotherapy treatments should seek medical advice before consuming the product.

Prosper Wellness CBD has no side-effects. It has not shown any instances of allergic reactions or even mild headaches or nausea. Still, if such symptoms do appear, it is suggested to immediately consult a physician or doctor.

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