Neuro Revive (Allied Naturals) Review – SCAM or DOES IT WORK?

Although it is a bitter sip but, eventually, an aging person comes to terms with a loose and sagging skin. Even a hunched posture works and sometimes, an unproductive day or two also works. However, what is not worth compromising is one’s brain power. A decline in one’s cognitive abilities means that a person has no control on his life. One unproductive day turns into many, memories slip, and it becomes difficult to recall things. In all of this, a person’s dependence on others amps up. One solution in this case is NeuroRevive.

This is a potent and natural brain supplement. It is dedicated to improving the brain performance and well-being of a person. To this end, it taps into the potential of organic ingredients that have been traced from a place where people have young minds despite their aging. An extensive amount of research has gone into the making of this product. It comes from a known manufacturer too that goes by the name of Allied Naturals.

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NeuroRevive Review

Neuro Revive is a natural and safe dietary supplement. The formula is dedicated to help preserve the cognitive abilities of the seniors. It helps to keep memory loss at bay. Hence, the supplement is an organic solution for an aging brain that keeps forgetting names and misplacing information snippets.

The supplement comes from Allied Naturals. It is packed with only natural ingredients. Since the ingredients are all natural, there is less fear of side effects. Typically, chemicals tend to yield side effects. However, organic ingredients are mostly safe to take. Altogether, this formula is a natural blend of nine unique ingredients.

Each of these has been individually studied before its addition into the formula. The ingredients are unique because they have been rooted from Okinawa. This is a place where people remain mentally young. In fact, the manufacturer claims that with this organic solution, the scientific claims of not beating cognitive decline can be challenged.

Overall, this is a brain formula that has been planned for a healthy brain. It is specially dedicated to the class of elderly people who commonly encounter a decline in their cognitive abilities as they age. It is backed by research, is safe to use, and is based on a natural ingredient list.

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The story behind this product

NeuroRevive comes from the known name of Allied Naturals. It came to being when the manufacturer’s wife became a victim of a shrinking brain at only the age of 60. Her hippocampus was discovered to be shrinking. In reality, her brain was becoming smaller than the other normal brain sizes.

Unfortunately, science declared that there was no solution to this problem. Eventually, the victim became utterly dependent on her partner and needed round the clock care. After such a traumatic incident, the manufacturer burned the midnight oil to find out a solution to this problem. Thus, he turned to alternate health.

Fortunately, the formulator of this supplement discovered about Okinawa, and how its people boast a healthy, young brain even as they climb the aging ladder. It is from this place that the company traces its essential organic ingredients for an effective formula.


Allied Naturals Neuro Revive formula exhibits a natural composition. All the ingredients are safe to take. On top of that, they are natural as well as unique. Owing to their organic composition, these ingredients are natural, which is why they are safe. They also don’t contain any synthetic compounds or harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, the ingredients are unique because they have been located and discovered from a place where their intake results in improved mental performance of individuals. The seniors in Okinawa show a healthy brain with good cognitive functioning despite their age. The manufacturers discovered this and dug deeper into the ingredients’ efficacy and safe usage.

Ultimately, the team came up with the ingredient list of this formula. It is in form of capsules that are easy to take. Besides, they don’t require long hours of preparation time. An individual only need to take the pill on a daily note and he is good to go.

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Some of the notable features of this supplement are:

-Natural composition

The entire composition of this formula is safe as well as natural. This slashes the risk of developing side effects.

-Unique ingredients

This supplement is based on ingredients that come from a place where elderly folks don’t have mental decline.

-Research backed

This supplement has the support of research too. A lot of studies have been unearthed concerning the safe use and efficacy of the ingredients.

-Easy to take

This formula is easy to take and hassle free to include in your diet. It comes in the form of pills that don’t need any preparation time. Nor are there ingredients that need to be blended. A person needs to take a supplement daily without breaks to potential results.


The Neuro Revive formula by Allied Naturals is reasonably priced so that people don’t have to face a financial barrier in getting an organic solution for a healthy brain. It comes in various packages. As a general rule, the more the quantity of the product, the lower the price. In this case, the larger the order of the organic supplements, the more economical the price.

Here is an overview of the pricing and packages:

-One-month supply of the product with one bottle of the supplement for $69 per bottle.

-Three-months supply of the supplement with 3 bottles of the organic solution for $59 each bottle.

-Six-months supply of the product including 6 supplement bottles for a price of $49 each.

Typically, the shipping price is of $14.99. However, in all three of the packages, the shipping is free.


All in all, Neuro Revive is an effective brain formula. It fends off cognitive decline that is commonly induced by aging. The supplement is for senior people that complain of holes in their memory. It is based on a natural composition and does not contain chemicals. The supplement is reasonably priced as well.

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