iGenics Review – SCAM or Does It Really Improve Your Eyesight?

Eyesight is a great blessing from God. So, is iGenics. It can be one of the best gifts ever for a loved one too. It is a remarkable eye product that restores weak vision, strengthens eye’s and cornea’s natural sensory power. The product is perfectly suitable when it comes to sharpening poor eyesight, no matter what the cause was.


1. The product is 100% natural. It contains no addtives, no preservatives, artificial fragrances or flavors or anything else that could be injurious to eye health.

2. it contains a light herbal smell that comes down to 9 potent ingredients used in the excellent composition that restores eye health within the promised time.

3. This supplement has no side effects. It does not trigger any allergic reactions.

4. It is entirely different from those painful surgeries, and doesn’t require anyone to carry those artificial plastic films in eyes that could either melt on the cornea, or damage eyes the other way.

5. It is a harmless solution and doesn’t need any external application. It fixes the internal structure of eyes, and protects the body from the action of free radicals. 

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The best thing about the product is that it has natural ingredients. These ingredients are pure, plant-based and absolutely perfect for vegetarians. People currently on blood-thinning agents and suggested to abstain from meat can also consume the capsules. These are miraculous ingredients and have long-known histories of being used as natural medicines in Okinawa and Chinese medicine systems. Internet is bombarded with hundreds of benefits of these dietaries. Therefore, the supplement is clinically proven, laboratory tested and backed up by strong scientific and medical research.

The primary ingreidnets are Ginkgo Biloba, Leutin, Zeaxanthin and Bilberry. Other than these, there are other five ingredients that have helped this supplement prove all promises to be a reality. Firstly, these ingredients were a part of daily diet – Okinawas are still known to have the highest life expectancies on earth. Ginkgo Biloba specifically is a plant specie that is oldest on earth and  have evidences of being eaten by Dinosaurs! Ginkgo Biloba has a special molecule that is said to act as cerebro vascular dilator. Be it any cause, whether the bloodflow, aging, high eye pressure or whatsoever, this flavinoid can be consumed and undoubtedly it works the fastest.

These ingredients have survived the north ice age, and have no pathogens on their leaves and berries. That’s why they are perfectly suitable for delicate organs such as eye. These ingredients improve the blood flow and increase blood circulation. This helps eyes gain more oxygen than ever before and this way, decreases the blood flow on eyes.

Workload, workplace stress, anxiety and depression due to one or the other cause could also give birth to chronic pain in the eye area, causing cluster headaches near the eye balls. Gingko Biloba unleashes body’s natural power to soothe pain, release stress and kill inflammation. It kills eye infections and bacteria that may be contributing to poor eye vision.

Luetein, another ingredient in iGenics is famous for being the ‘eye vitamin’. This fact could be cross checked from a number of authnetic sources from scholarly journals. Also, it is known to cure eye disorders such as Mucular Degeneration, retinis pigmentosa, and catarcts. It also protects the eyes from sun damage, working as a shield screen, and filters light from damaging the retina. Leutein is a carotenoid which may be present in the eye’s cellular structure. But, as the body ages, and goes deficient, people may start taking foods rich in this nutrient.

Another consideration here is that, leutein that is consumed with food may not be absorbed by the gut the way it should. Therefore, one needs a supplement that overcomes this issue too. This product is one such supplement which has a blend with collaborative ingredients and these nutrients get easily absorbed and reach the eyes – retina, cornea and macula.

Zeaxanthin is another carotenoid that is a must-have ingreident in vision boosters. It has more or less same qualities as Leutein, but Zeaxanthin’s quantity and proprtion as added in the capsules matter a lot. In such a case, which product to choose and which not, becomes a firing debate and it is a better option to choose one with higher concentration of Zeaxanthin.

The parameter to check the effectiveness of vision booster is to study whether it contains the proprtion of zeaxanthin more than 10mgs. IGenics is one of those rare supplements found in the public surveys that contain approximately 10mg proportion of this ingredient.    

The other five ingredients are important as they increase the eye volume, prevent cell shrinkage and stops immature celll death immediately. It helps the growth and development of retina cells and provides eyes the moisture, plus texture they need to stay functional. It is better than a number of eye surgeries, contact lenses, operations and injections.

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Currently, the company is offering attractive discounts on single bottles and bulk quantities. The original price of the supplement is somewhere over $100. As per the updates, it has the following ongoing deals:

1. One bottle: offered for $69, with a saving of $80.

2. Three bottles: offered for $177, per bottle $59 with a saving of $270.

3. SIX bottles (the best seller package uptil now): offered for $249 total, per bottle $49 with a saving of $600.

Thus, the product is an economical solution for vision issues. This makes Igenix one of the best investments someone could make for some extraordinary benefits in future.


Dr Charles William, and his team of expert vision practitioners are so confident about the results that they have released iGenics with a satisfaction guaranteed, hassle-free, 180 business days Money-back guarantee. After consuming some supplies, if someone doesn’t find the product to be an extraordinary solution for their eyesight, they could get it refunded for the original purchase price. No questions asked, no hard feelings!

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