GRS Ultra Cell Defense Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?

GRS Ultra

GRS Ultra is the name of the breakthrough supplement that is designed to elevate glutathione level in our body by 68%. It supplies the cells in our body with the most bioavailable and purest form of sulfur and selenium, which in turn assist the body to produce the highly effective, unadulterated glutathione. As a result, this powerful form of glutathione that acts a protective shield swiftly flushes out harmful invaders from the body and pave way for our newly rescued cells to regrow and flourish into robust and energetic cells.

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GRS Ultra Review

A super-human lifestyle where our lifespan is the longest and our chances of suffering from all sorts of diseases are the lowest, may only feel like a dream. Even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle with better food choices and daily exercise regime, why are we still not fit enough to live a super-human life like that? The truth is, we have been living in a misconception all our lives. How? Let’s get into the depth of this.

The super-human health or lifestyle is not about having to eat the healthiest of foods and working out the best exercises. It is neither incorporated in our genes so it cannot be related to genetics. The secret to it is inside our own bodies because it has been naturally designed to combat any type of disease, be it chronic, viral, bacterial or dysfunctional. But this natural ability of our bodies no longer functions the way it is supposed to because our healthy cells are constantly attacked and weakened by Rouge Cell Destroyers called Free Radicals. Thus, these damaged cells become prone to harmful virus, bacteria, and other microbes.

Discovery of A Miracle Molecule – Glutathione

How do we fight back this free radical damage that is the real threat to our health? Since free radicals tend to completely destroy our cell’s protective coating, the only way to restore the healthy functioning our cells is to rebuild this coating again. This is where the most important health discovery of our time is revealed. It is the formation of a miracle molecule in our body called Glutathione that provides the strongest protective coating and has the power to restore our body’s damaged cells back into healthy, full, and strong cells.

The Story Behind GRS Ultra Cell Defense

The formulation of GRS Ultra came into existence when the amazing Icelandic secret about the miracle molecule ‘Glutathione’ was discovered. This was revealed on an island in Iceland that has the highest life expectancy and pay the lowest health care costs in the world. Astonishingly, when compared to other surrounding countries, the people of this island suffered from 80% fewer incidents from heart diseases, 33% less dementia, 32.4% lower blood pressure, and 39.7% less breast cancer.

According to TIME magazine, “They’re the healthiest country in the world.” also commented, “…are virtually immune to depression, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.”

Upon further research on how Icelanders dominate a healthy life of longevity and free from diseases, it was found out that two important minerals ‘Sulfur’ and ‘Selenium’ which possess incredible healing abilities were embedded in the volcanic ash of Iceland. Together, these two minerals work to increase the levels of Glutathione – the molecule that is our cell’s protective shield and miraculously works to prevent aging, chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, and other microbial diseases.

The “21st Century Cell Protector” glutathione is also described as the “Master Antioxidant” and “Master Detoxifier” because it has the ability to work 5000 times stronger than any other antioxidant. This is also because it is naturally made by our own body when sulfur and selenium are present. It knows what is beneficial and harmful for the body. With such power, this miracle molecule is termed the fittest to act as the protective coating to our cells and guard them against free radical damage. This allows the cells to rebuild into healthier and stronger ones that can now survive without any barriers from harmful invaders.

Thus, with the 3 most powerful glutathione-producing nutrients that exist in the world and that were clinically tested on humans and had scientific proof to have elevated the levels of glutathione in the body, GRS Ultra was made.

What Is GRS Ultra Made Up Of?

After tremendous amount of research, testing, and trials on thousands of ingredients, 3 ingredients came out to be the most acceptable and effective for the formulation of GRS Ultra. This was because these 3 ingredients underwent their own clinical trials on humans to determine their purity and effectiveness.

As a result of this testing, the combination of these 3 powerful glutathione-promoting superfoods led to the formation of a new, highly effective, and all-natural formula known as the GRS Ultra. Let’s reveal these ingredients:

1. SelenoExcell®

This is the first ingredient that is guaranteed to provide the body with the most potent and bioavailable form of selenium.

2. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)

The Second Glutathione Booster NAC supplies the body with glutathione through producing another substance called cysteine that is made up of the most crucial sulfur molecule. The cysteine is meant to act like a gas pedal as more of this substance means more production of glutathione by the body.

3. ROC®® (Red Orange Complex)

The third and the major booster to glutathione production in the body is Red Orange Complex. It is so powerful that it can increase the levels of glutathione by an astounding 68%. Three types of Mediterranean oranges (Moro, Tarocco, and Sanguinello) are used to extract ROC®® because they are rich in high levels of free radical-fighting nutrients and found in a volcanic soil consisting of sulfur and selenium.

How Is GRS Ultra Beneficial?

Reports from users that have already benefited from GRS Ultra have revealed the following statistics and results:

  • There are 80% fewer heart conditions.
  • There is 25% less chronic pain in Arthritis sufferers and the physical function is 30% better.
  • With only 20% increase in glutathione, there is a 67% reduction in conditions like high blood pressure, arthritis, and heart cancer. 
  • Eye infections like glaucoma, retinal disease, and cataracts are rapidly diminished.
  • Glutathione levels in the body are elevated to a great extent.
  • People with Parkinson’s disease reported a stop in shaking of hands and feet.
  • People with a weaker eyesight experienced improved vision.
  • People with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism recovered fast.
  • The overall energy levels of the body enhanced rapidly.
  • A renewed, healthier, and stronger body is experienced.
  • There are free bonus guides included with GRS Ultra that will add to the greatness of this supplement. These informational bonuses are listed as follows:

Bonus 1: Toxin Free

Consists of various tips and tricks on how to detoxify and cleanse the body from harmful agents. It also talks about ways to strengthen your immune system through the reduction of toxic exposure.

Bonus 2: The Anti-Inflammation Diet

This helpful booklet will assist you in determining what type of nutrient intake is best for the best and what other types should be avoided.

Bonus 3: Longevity Secrets From The Healthiest 100-Year-Olds

This bonus guide is included when GRS Ultra is purchased within the next 24 hours. It comprises of all-natural and amazing ideas about living a healthier, longer, and happier life from people who have lived up to 100 years of age.

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Is GRS Ultra Worth Buying?

GRS Ultra is a supplement made up of clinically-proven and the 3 most effective nutrients that act as superfoods because of their powerful tendency to enrich the body with elevated levels of glutathione. While there may be other alternatives on the market, none of the formulas are proven to have already worked in terms of promising a disease-free life of longevity and youthfulness. The tested and all-natural formula of GRS Ultra is guaranteed to give you the best of results and fulfill all your expectations.

Just for now, the introductory price of GRS Ultra is reduced to $49.95 that is $40 off the original price $89.95.

Another great expect of GRS Ultra is that the GAIA Nutritionals Pte Ltd have issued a 365 Days Money Back Guarantee with its purchase to maintain the authenticity of the company and its products. Why should you hesitate in placing your order for a supplement that is not only beneficial for your health but is also a risk-free investment? Rest assured, there is a 100% chance you can get your money back if the results are unsuccessful. Thus, GRS Ultra is definitely worth a try. 



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