Gluten Guardian by BiOptimizer Review – DOES IT WORK?

Gluten Guardian

For a number of people, the things that are prohibited by their diet are the most attractive ones and they just love to steal a bite or two from it. One such example of a food item that is deemed unhealthy and unfit for human consumption is gluten. There are lots of people who have been advised against the consumption of gluten; a compound that is commonly found in wheat-based food items, giving shape and texture to the food. Such people are also allergic to gluten but their desire to have gluten rises nonetheless. A supplement that can help a person to have gluten without the worry of its side effects, harms or a leaky gut is BiOptimizer Gluten Guardian.

This is a potent formula that allows its users to consume gluten without having to fear about suffering from its consequences. Gluten consumption, for some people who are sensitive to it, can culminate in irritation, leaky gut, and weight gain. In addition to these intrinsic problems, the guilt of taking gluten and having to give in to one wishes can be overburdening. However, there are no such problems with the use of this supplement. It is composed of natural ingredients and helps individuals develop gluten tolerance so that they can eat whatever they like minus the consequences.

Gluten Guardian Review

Gluten Guardian is a powerful supplement that comes from the supplement house of Bioptimizer. It is composed of all the natural ingredients that allow a person to have gluten without the problems that are associated with its use.

Typically, some people are sensitive or allergic to the consumption of gluten. They end up putting additional pounds as and when they take gluten containing food items. These people also experience irritation and a leaky gut. In the case of a leaky gut, there are several symptoms they show up. These signs include fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, bloating, skin issues, and hormonal imbalance.

Simultaneous to these health issues are the pangs of guilt that a person feels by eating what is not allowed to him. However, with the use of this formula, a person is able to have gluten without any side effects or adverse reactions shown by the body. The supplement helps to digest gluten in a safe and easy manner with the help of its all-natural and unique composition.

How Does it Work?

Bioptimizer Gluten Guardian contains quality ingredients that promote the health, effective, and safe digestion of gluten in the digestive tract. This allows a person to eat gluten without worrying about the risks or side effects of taking it. Some of the primary and active elements of the formula are:

The Enzyme DPP-IV

The first crucial element of this supplement is DPP-IV, an enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for properly breaking down the casings of enzyme and protein unwinding. When such a step is taken, the body is able to consume gluten without its related health issues. The component allows users to enjoy foods that enriched with gluten.

Protein Proteases

This is the second key component in the supplement that is a powerful combination of four protein proteases. This blend helps to instantly break down the proteins present in gluten-bearing food items. In doing so, the absorption of essential nutrients is made possible. The blend also contains three amylase types to encourage the breakdown and digestion of carbohydrates. The end products from the carbohydrate breakdown can then be absorbed by the body.

Other Ingredients

In addition to the above blends and combinations that allow for the breakdown of gluten and its subsequent digestion, the Gluten Guardian consists of Digestive Enzyme Therapy. This component of the formula is to make sure that the risk of the regular consumption of gluten can be avoided with the use of this supplement.


There are several good characteristics and features of the Gluten Guardian that can help improve the lifestyle of an individual. Some of the key pointers in this regard are:

A safe formula

The supplement is based on a safe and natural formula that helps a person to digest gluten-rich food items. Since the composition is based on safe blends of enzymes that are all-natural, there are no side effects concerned with the use of the product.

Provides relief

Another interesting feature of this supplement is that it allows a person to consume gluten without a worry in the world. In normal circumstances, a gluten lover would never be able to eat any gluten-based food item, as it would lead to irritation, weight gain, and a leaky gut with its severe consequences. However, with the use of the supplement, one can regularly and easily consume gluten.

Clinically Researched

Most significant of all, this supplement is well-studied. The blend of enzymes used in this formula is well-researched and clinically studied, which makes it safer to use this supplement. The well-formulated composition of this product is an optimal solution for people who cannot eat what they want to.

One such enzyme used in the formula of this supplement is Astrazyme that works to complete protein digestion by 95%, enhances absorption of peptides by 41%, and boosts amino acids absorption by 60%.

Prevents digestive issues

This Bioptimizer product is also useful, as it allows proper digestion. With this, it is also able to keep at bay digestive health issues such as bloating, irritation, gas, stomach pain, and more. The formula also supports the absorption of the nutrients and mineral; such that the formula aids in proper breakdown and digestion of food items as well as absorption of the nutrients.


Bioptimizer Gluten Guardian is a potent and powerful supplement that works to aid in the proper breakdown, digestion, and nutrient absorption from gluten. It is specifically formulated by keeping in mind the population that is unable to consumed gluten due to their allergy or sensitivity to it. It is based on a natural formula of well-researched enzymes and is priced at a fair rate. The purchase comes with a year-long, unconditional, money-back guarantee.

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