Fit Father 30X Program Review – Does It Really Help?

Fit Father 30X

Life is a series of episodes that revolve around making ends meet or working to keep things on track. Punched in this track are pointers like family, taking care of kids, fulfilling their wishes and the like. In all the daily hustle bustle to this end, one thing shifts to the backburner and it is one’s health. Even if one manages to eat well and maintains good health, there is absolutely no time for maintaining one’s weight. In this regard, one helpful program that is dedicated to men is the Fit Father 30X Program.

This is a comprehensive program that aims to help its users shed the extra pounds. In the daily routine, it often becomes difficult to take out the time and work on the motivation to bring down one’s weight digits. Therefore, this program is chalked out for men that are aged around 40 and above and those fathers who don’t really get the time for themselves. It helps one to reduce weight, thus helping to up the ante of one’s confidence and health.

Fit Father 30X Program Review

The Fit Father 30X Program is prepared specifically for fathers who find it onerous to lose the extra weight. The audience revolves around working fathers who rarely make out the time for themselves. That said, this program is comprehensive by nature such that it entails meal plans, work outs, and even motivation boosters for fathers.

The program comes from a group of health experts who are dedicated to their mission of helping men aged 40 become healthy. The official website explains that the program has already helped 20,000 fathers lose 90,000 pounds of weight with the help of their paid program and free resources.

The main person at the helm of affairs is Dr. Anthony who heads the team of experts. He started this Fit Father Project. It kicks off with small lifestyle changes that help a person get rid of excess fat. It further inculcates meal plans and workout sessions to take weight loss up by several notches. Thus, it can be seen that the method of weight reduction adopted by this project is all-inclusive or comprehensive.

The program ensures that correct lifestyle changes are made, the right nutrition accompanies this, and proper workout trims and tones a man’s built. The full scope of this project involves eliminating adamant body fat, built lean muscle, and trim one’s body.

Components of the program

The Fit Father 30X Program is based on a three-step approach that are promised to show proven results. These are:

1. 30-Day meal program

This program contains meals plans and timings for having the meals. The meal plans are taste and nutritious and require minimal effort to put together. Each meals takes roughly takes 10 minutes to prepare and fortifies the entire family. The meals help to get rid of belly fat. One can have these on the go or from home.

2. Fit Father 30X Workout Program

These include efficient exercises for boosting metabolic functioning safely. These exercise are easy and take about 90 minutes on a weekly basis. These will help reignite metabolism and burn fat in a natural and effective manner.

3. Accountability

This part of the program encourages one to stay on track of his fitness plan by means of email coaching. These track the accountability of one’s workout sessions and meal plans. Most of the diet books and DVDs fail because there is no accountability system that is built-in. This is an essential step because providing a solution is just not enough, as sticking to the plan is equally essential.


  • Targets a specific audience

The program is not for one and all. Rather, the target audience is slimmed down to men and those who fall in the age range of 40s and above. It is particularly developed for men who are busy in their lives and lack the encouragement and time to shift from an overweight body that exhibits a bulging belly to a well-toned built.

  • Comprehensive by nature

The program is not limited to one step only. Instead it focuses on meal plans, motivation, lifestyle changes, and workout plans too. This ensures that weight loss is achieved internally as well as externally.

  • Developed by a team of experts

Dr. Anthony along with a group of experts have developed this program and run the project on the basis of their experience and expertise

  • Extensive media coverage

A properly developed website showcases this project for the fitness of fathers. On top of it, there is a significant amount of media coverage that this project has received. This enhances the credibility of the program.

  • Research-backed

This program is an outcome of good amounts of research into weight-loss. Already there are experts heading it. Moreover, there are numerous customer testimonials backing this project with people sharing how effective this program has been for them.

  • Accountability program

In addition to providing a good plan to lose weight and get a well-built body for all 40+ men, this program facilitates accountability. This amps up one’s motivation and also keeps his progress with the other two steps, meal plans and work out, on track.

  • Free resources

This project also provides free resources such as material for reading on weight loss. Therefore, a user has both paid programs and free resources at their disposal.


The full Fit Father 30X Program consists of the meal plan, workout program, and VIP email accountability coaching.

But there are freebies included as well that are given free of cost. These are:

  • The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Enjoying Drinks While Staying Lean
  • The 7 Key Supplements Every Guy Needs
  • How To Build Unbreakable Habits Guide
  • The best Health Tech Tools, Apps & Trackers

There is also a 30-days money back guarantee that accompanies the purchase of this plan that is actually worth $600 but is up for grabs for $97 for a limited time.

Final Verdict

Summing up, the Fit Father 30X Program is a weight loss and trimmed body project for men aged 40 or more. It is based on meal plans and workout sessions that extend to 30 days.

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